Research Post #2: Colour

For this research post I’ll be looking into some suitable colour schemes for my infographic! As my infographic is based on Lord of the Rings I want to bring in the key colour schemes used throughout the films. First up I had a look at the official DVD covers:


The DVD covers are made up predominantly of different shades of brown. There are some mottled green and dull gold and silver elements, but mostly the main colour scheme of these images is just lots and lots of brown. This colour scheme denotes ancient and fantastical themes, very suitable for the movies.

Next I took a look at the costumes of the Elves in particular (since the infographic is based on their language specifically):

Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4

Their costumes are a bit more colourful than the DVD covers. The colour scheme is predominantly made up of ethereal-looking silver and white, with hints of pale blue, pale gold, grey, and (in Arwen’s cloak in the first image) regal dark blue. The colour scheme is bit more diverse now but still denotes power, grace, and elegance which is very suitable for the characters of the Elves.

Now let’s look at the scenery and cinematography of the movies as a whole:

Source 1, 2

These photos are much deeper and more colourful than the last two sets of images. The first photo is made of deep greens in both bright and dark shades. The second photo contains bright greens, yellows, and browns.

I don’t think the first two colour schemes would be very suitable for an infographic. Infographics tend to use simple shapes and structures and as such they rely heavily on colour to attract attention. Effective infographics contain simple shapes, but are bright, colourful, and high-contrast, such as:

Source 1, Source 2

The colour schemes of the DVD covers and the Elves’ costumes aren’t bright enough to put on an infographic to make it visually attractive. The brown colour scheme with subtle green touches of the DVD covers would be too muddy and the pale colours of the Elves’ costumes would be too light. On the other hand the third colour scheme, with its verdant greens and high contrast, would be perfect for an infographic to attract attention. I’ve decided to make the colours of my infographic consist predominantly of pure colours: complementary greens and browns to reflect the scenery and cinematography of the movies and the connection to nature that the characters of the Elves have. As for the pale colour schemes of the Elves’ costumes, I’ll have those as an accent to the brighter colours to create some eye-catching contrast. As such the colour scheme of my project will look a little something like this:


Once again, feedback is greatly appreciated!


2 thoughts on “Research Post #2: Colour

  1. I think that you’ve done some really great research here and i think the colours that you are planning to use really help to present the elvish race. A colour i think you should try to incorporate into your image is light blue. I think this colours\ could be used very effectively within your composition because they are simple colours and they reflect the colours of the waterfalls that always seem to be elaborately intertwined with elvish architecture. The blue could be used effectively, almost like a river and direct the viewer’s eye through the key areas of your image.I think the colour silver would be effective as well because both the elvish costumes and buildings are both made out of similar shades of silver. Low level tones such as silver work great as background colours in infographics. Also i think you should try to incorporate elvish architecture into your image too. i think some of those fancy elvish designs would look awesome in the corners of the image or something like that. Anyway, keep up to good work kiddo! Make papa proud!


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